Why PMO?

The PMO exists to support corporate planning and control


Different types of PMO play different, aligned roles in providing meaningful support. Each solves a different part of a larger challenge. When it comes to delivering business value through a PMO, real world success can include any or all of the many PMO disciplines that together make visibility, insight and control of your projects and programmes a reality.


Deberiat adds value by adding our real, living best practice knowledge to your business skills and experience. What is the problem you want to solve? Which PMO approaches and techniques are right for you? What does your team need right now and what can go on a PMO roadmap for the future?


By working with your team, we jointly get the best available outcome.

Types of PMO

PMO Centre of Excellence

The PMO Centre of Excellence (PMO CoE) serves as the home of your project design, delivery and deployment standards and accelerators. It is a friendly source of advice and education for delivery teams, and a provider of assurance to in-flight projects.

Portfolio Management Office

The Portfolio Management Office (PfMO) gathers the information you need to check that "bright ideas" are truly aligned to strategy and have a worthwhile business case, before you sign off on the  investment. It then monitors progress on all in-flight initiatives so you can intervene early enough to make a difference.

Programme Management Office

The Programme Management Office (PgMO) ensures you get an over-arching plan, a coherent view across projects, and the ability to manage complex interdependencies. It also ensures the later projects in a programme learn the lessons of the earlier projects.

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office (PjMO) takes much of the burden of governance, reporting and risk management away from busy and expensive project managers. Combined with the PMO CoE, it also ensures senior managers get a coherent view across multiple projects.

Product Management Office

The Product Management Office (PdMO) combines elements of PMO CoE and Portfolio/ Project offices with Product Management disciplines to give visibility and control to the Agile prioritisation, delivery and operation of products and services.

Agile Centre of Excellence

The Agile Centre of Excellence (ACE) combines PMO and Agile practices to support the whole-life idea-to-operations flow with an Agile mindset at every stage. In practice, this is often like a scaled-up version of the Product Management Office, but without the requirement for everything to be a product.

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